Developer handoff process survey

Hello folks :wave:

I and others on the product and design teams want to learn more about how different teams and individuals hand off their design work to their development teams :hammer:

We’re particularly interested in the different processes teams have and the roles different individuals and tools play in handoff rather than specific feedback about Sketch itself (although you can, of course, explain how you use Sketch!)

We’ve put together a brief survey which asks you to describe your handoff processes and also features a few questions about how you might want to change your process or introduce any new tools and/or processes that you and your team would like to see that could improve efficiency and productivity.

You can find the survey here. We would appreciate you completing it for us.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask below! :grin:


Thanks to those who took the time to reply to this survey. We’re now working through the responses and will be using the insights we gain to shape handoff features in the future.