Symbol path autocomplete/suggestion

One thing that’s driving me mad when I’m creating symbols is that I have to retype the path/folder structure for it every single time. I like writing, don’t get me wrong, but I loathe when things like these get in my way of working.

If you’re like me, you create a symbol pretty much for everything, starting from the base atoms, forming molecules, etc. Now, every time I have to type in these loooooooooong pathways and often I forget which one it was I wanted to add it to, since sometimes they get very long.

Please don’t tell me I should change my naming conventions. That’s not the solution I came here for.

Can we get a sort of autocomplete/suggestions for when we’re typing a path/name for a symbol to be automatically suggested a few options? Say I’m creating a new instance, and a similar one was already added to table/stepper/stage/group1/. I’d like this to be suggested at least as a last typed in path, or similar.

Sorry for double post if this has been suggested.

I like this idea! Something that happens to me a lot is that I’ll be writing symbol names, and I’ll write something like button / default only to realize later that all of my button symbol naming convention is buttons / default. That’s a basic example, but it more often happens with deeply nested symbol folders. So having some auto-suggest based on names I’ve used before would be super helpful.