Symbol Instance Locator

I understand that this plugin requieres Sketch Runner witch it doesn’t work anymore. Is any workaround to find instances of a Symbol?

I’ve opened a pull request to make Symbol Instance Locator plugin compatible with the latest Sketch a few months ago – Sketch 98 compatibility by rodionovd · Pull Request #38 · sonburn/symbol-instance-locator · GitHub. Not sure about the Sketch Runner dependency, but feel free to give it a try.


Even though these might not work the same as Symbol Instance Locator, I want to share two alternatives:

Automate Sketch

With the Automate > Symbol > Select all Instances of Symbol you can quickly have Sketch select all the Symbol instances (of the one you have currently selected) on the Page. It also gives you a Page drop-down in case you want to do the same in another page (when selecting a Symbol from a different page!)

  • You can download Automate Sketch here.
  • Select the Symbol you want to locate on the Canvas
  • Do Automate > Symbol > Select All Instances of Symbol
  • Done!

This will Zoom into the are where the plugin found the Symbols.

Select Similar Layers

Very much like Automate, you can select a Symbol Instance and using Select Similar Layers have the plugin select all the Instances of it on the current page!