Find usages of Colorvariables

is it possible to find all usages of a specific color variable?


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Is this the sort of thing you need to do this for?

Hi Brett, thanks for the fast reply. May I should use this feature (I already knew), I had in mind to highlight all the usages. I want to clean up my colors, because some are too similar and … yes I think this will work. :smiley: thanks!

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You could just directly edit the Color Variable itself in Components View, then selecting the Variable, and editing the color to what you want it to change to. Then all Instances of this Color Variable in your document will update to reflect it.

Thanks for sharing. My plan was to highlight all usages of the colors in the artboards. But replacing them is an adequate tool for my cleaning-my-colormess-process. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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e.g. if i want to delete a color variable, I would love to see all affected items highlighted. I think this is what I wanted to achieve.

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You can also use the Select Similar Layers plugin to select all the elements within:

  • A Page
  • A Group
  • An Artboard

That share things like: Fill Color, Border Color and more! :smiley:


Wow! That’s cool, and works. Thanks!

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Wow I didnt know that. This is really great future. Thanks!

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