Rename improvements

I love the rename function, but I suggest adding this to avoid filling over and over the rename criteria.

Must have: remembering the last setting
Nice to have: the ability to save/load presets

I imagine you’re speaking about renaming multiple layers via the dedicated dialog, right?

Could you speak more about “remembering the last setting”? Because that feature already exists. When you use that dialog to rename layers, Sketch remembers the Match and Rename fields for next time, as long as the app remains open. You can even use remembered values to rename without even bringing up the dialog, with Edit > Rename with Last Format ⌥⇧⌘R.

Oh, I didn’t notice that. And, yes I was talking about that.
Remembering last format after quitting would be great.
I don’t se a reason not to.

One potential improvement, make the input field bigger. When there is a more complex naming structure it is difficult to edit conditions.

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