Receive notifications about comments within the MacApp

I can resolve comments as a designer within the MacApp … nice! I would also like to receive notifications about comments (optionally) within the MacApp and not have to switch to the WebApp or look in my email inbox, from where I am then linked to the WebApp.

Totally agree. There is already a place for notifications in Mac app and it now needs to be expanded to include notifications about comments. It should probably become a bigger dropdown window.

Additionally, maybe there is a need now for 3rd tab under Inspector that would be a feed of comments for easier tracking of conversations and feedback?

How do you get email notifications for comments created on WebApp? Is there any setting or option for that?

Hey @Taha

It’s possible to enable this if you go to account > Email Notifications

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 10.27.02

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