More notification control

As an admin of a workspace, I receive notifications for every comment on every file, as well as notifications every time anyone joins the workspace. We’re a large org set up with SSO, so I don’t need these notifications.

The comment notifications for every file end up hiding notifications for comments on files I’m actually working on. And since we’re SSO, we have a lot of people joining as viewers, which I don’t need notifications for every one.

Can we have more granular control over notifications?

Hi @nick! Thanks for sharing this. I agree, we could use a bit more control here. I’ve shared this with the team and also made some tests:

You should only get notifications from comments of documents you follow, not every single document. By default you automatically follow a document if you create it, add a comment to it or if someone mentions you with “@”.

I tested this and it checked out, but if you’re seeing notifications from documents you’re not following, can you drop us a line to to take a closer look? Many thanks in advance :pray:

Thanks! I had to take a second look and you’re right, they mentioned me in one comment which triggered me following the doc. I’d love if this was not the default behavior though. If I’m mentioned, I want notifications only when I’m mentioned. Being mentioned doesn’t follow the doc

Thanks for this update Nick! I’ve filed this as a feature request and also noted that it would help to have more controls to organize notifications, so you can focus on your current projects just like you mentioned.

Thanks for sharing and let us know of any other feedback you have :pray: