Merge text styles

Hi everyone! Does anyone know of a plugin that can merge two text styles that also WORKS with Sketch v95.3?

I have both Sketch Automate and Merge Duplicates plugins which have this feature, but they don’t seem to be working. I don’t know if it’s a conflict with the current version of Sketch or not.

Merge duplicates just crashes Sketch when I attempt to do it, and Automate appears to do nothing. So if anyone has a different plugin or way of doing it that they know of please help! Thank you!

Hi. I had the same issue with Merge Duplicates.
I sent the report to the developer with a file. He was able to reproduce the issue and he is already working in a fix.

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v95 release was amazing but also broke several useful plugins.
Unfortunately, most don’t have support from their developers anymore as well.

I’m glad Oscar Oto still takes care of Merge Duplicates :raised_hands:

I bought Merge Duplicates just to find out this bug. So, I couldn’t use it at all.
I hope we get the update soon to be able to use it for the first time :relieved:

Just to let you know the plugin was just updated and now it works


Woo hoo! Thanks for letting me know. Time to fix all the styles!

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