Mark indicator in the Layer List for fixed position when scrolling

An indication for top-level layers/groups that have the “Fix position when scrolling” enabled would be helpful.


(Edit: a previous version of this post requested the prototyping indicator in the right click > layer list, which was deemed a bug)

Let me confirm if I understand: you’d like if, when hovering a layer in the Select Layer menu, its respective row in the Layer List were also be highlighted?

Oh, no. I misled you with my mockup – sorry.


The prototyping indicator (squiggly arrow) that shows on the left Layer list that the group “Plus Button” has an interaction, is not shown in the right click > Select Layer list. It would be helpful if it showed (which I mocked up).

Oh, I see now it was a gif, but its subtlety made me miss it :sweat_smile: Thanks! I do consider that part a bug that we need to fix for sure, I’ll make a note out of it.

As for the indication of a fixed element, that’s definitely in the idea category. We already have some indicators to juggle there, so then we get to the question of what’s more important.

Could you please rename this idea to “Mark indicator in the Layer List for layers with fixed position when scrolling”, and update the topic appropriately? The current title of “Better indicators” is a bit vague and thus makes it hard for others to get a glimpse of what it is and to vote for it.

That makes sense, considering Smart layout for non-symbols is coming sooner rather than later, there’s not a lot of space for multiple indicators.

(Topic renamed)

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