Make Distribute Horizontally / Vertically shortcut-able

I use a few custom keyboard shortcuts that I set up in Systems Settings’ > Keyboard Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.
Unfortunately ‘Distribute Horizontally’ and ‘Distribute Vertically’ cannot be set up to be addressed that way because the Menu Title is identical with ‘Align Horizontally’ & ‘Align Vertically’ (both are just called ‘Horizontally’ / ‘Vertically’ as they are a sub-item of ‘Align’ / ‘Distribute’.
Or maybe it’s easier just adding shortcuts (ctrl-alt-h / -v) to the menu items instead ¯_(ツ)_/¯

In the case of nested menu commands, when you set up the shortcut in the System Preferences, for the Menu Title use something like this:


Note: don’t use spaces between the words and the arrows.


Works like a charm! Thanks!

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