Layer with shadow + inner shadow: SVG export issue

Hi guys

I think it’s currently not possible to export a layer containing outer and inner shadow, as a proper SVG.
It’s exporting, but the exported SVG is only containing a black fill, no shadows.
(the original fill should be a gradient fill)

when I deselect the inner + outer shadow and export again, the SVG is correct (fill = correct gradient).

So it seems to me, that theres an issue with layers containing shadows.

Thanks for getting back to me

If I remember correctly, the SVG standard does not support inner shadows, and so I can imagine the translation goes wrong. It could I suspect be faked by adding clipping mask but in general we lean to keep the SVG simple and minimal over visually correct - if you want the latter above all then exporting as an image is usually what people go for anyway.

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Thanks for the answer pieteromvlee

This makes sense to me. When I create the same object (including inner shadows) in Affinity Designer, the SVG export works without any issues. But probably as you said, it could be that they “fake” the inner shadow. But since the export of Affinity looks perfect, I rather prefer the way Affinity (in this case) handles this instead of just a black SVG without gradients and no shadows at all.

Isn’t this something that could be improved in Sketch?

and yes, I always can export it as a normal image which - of course - works. But having it as an SVG would be better.