JSON Data in a group of symbols

Is there an issue with using JSON data (via Sketch’s native linked data feature) to populate a set of symbol instances (8 Symbols) inside a Group?

*I feel like this was an issue a while back but can’t find any reference to it.

The JSON file is valid. (tested on JSON Linter)
The JSON file has been added with a local image folder.
JSON Keys match the appropriate layer names.
Testing the JSON file with the symbols does work as expected.

Applying the data to a group of the symbols inside a group has no results. Nothing happens.

screenshot for reference

Sketch 96.3
MacOS 11.7.1

Same results in Safe Mode.

When i detach the 8 symbol instances to make them groups the data is applied as expected.

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the report! Would you mind sharing with us (via productsupport@sketch.com) a sample Document and the Data set? We’d love to test this on our end and report to the team if we can replicate the issue.

We certainly remember some recent issues with Data sets and how the app was applying those to elements on the Canvas, but the team has been going through those and have released some of the fixes on the Sketch Beta 99. Take it for a spin as well and let us know!

Can do, Thanks Raul.

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Information received @marktmcewan; thanks a lot! :bow:

We’ve been able to reproduce this on our side, so we will investigate this internally (we have an internal case ongoing right now).

We will keep you updated!


Thanks Diego.


Any update on this? I’ve been looking forward to trying this feature for ages and now that I’ve finally done it, it isn’t working. For testing purposes I moved the symbols outside of the group and even then it isn’t working (verified file, layer names/value pairs, etc.)