How to make Designers and Copywriters work better together

Hey, have you ever thought about how designers and copywriters can work together more smoothly?

Back in 2018, there was this cool tool called Kopie, but it got bought out by InVision and then went radio silent. Another tool called Scribble integrated with Sketch.

I’m curious, do you think it’s possible to create a mode for copywriters that’s just as easy to use as the developer handoff feature? All from the comfort of your browser.

Thanks in advance!

From the video looks really easy for a nice collaboration , in the current moment I have been working in receive the text and change but mostly times I got the text before the almost final design is ready.

Thanks for the feedback @damiandmowski - This is something we’re aware of and have discussed internally as similar ideas have been raised in relation to our own UX copywriters here at Sketch. While we don’t have any firm plans to implement such a mode yet, I will share the examples you linked to above with the rest of the team.

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Rest assured, as a writer working at Sketch, I am fully advocating for us to make some leaps here. :wink:

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