Hide layers for the clients' web app view?

Is there a way to hide objects, layers, groups and/or arrboards in Sketch? I want to hide some elements so that customers, product owners, stakeholders etc. who only have access to the web app can’t see everything that I can see as a Mac app user.

Hi Christian. One way to hide something on the web app is also hiding it on the Mac app. You’d need to hide layers or groups and this won’t apply to artboards.

The other way is to use starred versions, but it has its limits as it only hides changes made after creating it. Once you star a later version they’ll see all the changes made in between and to hide any of those changes, you’d need to move them to a new page after creating the latest starred version and un-star any previous versions.

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Would be great if Sketch had a simple versioning system where you can make a branch just for client review. Are there any plans to do a bit more with starred version feature? I think it should be a bit more robust than just a simple star, allowing a bit more options, maybe comment etc. Also, calling it something else would make it feel like a more serious part of the workflow (commit vs star or something else).

:wave: Hi and thanks for the input! I’ll pass it along to the team.

I also wanted to share that you can already add a description when creating a starred update or at anytime by hovering over that version and selecting Add Description


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Hi Jorge, I’m glad to read you here again now. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestion. But that’s not exactly what I have in mind. Because in this case the hidden objects are also hidden for me.

Instead, I would like to be able to hide areas, objects, layers, artboards or whatever is lying around in my sketch file (e.g. next to the artboards in the canvas) for viewing in the web app. In my Mac app, these objects should remain visible and editable at all times.

This is probably a feature request.

Hey Christian! It’s really nice to see you here too :smile:

And yes, in this case it’s a feature request. Currently we only have these workarounds but it should work like you mention: have the control to hide parts of the document to others while you can see everything.

I’ve documented this request and shared it with the team.

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