Dev/Plugin function question

In v99 one of the plugins i use (but didn’t make myself) stopped working. I’m totally 100% willing to fix my fork of the code, but it’s not clear to me why it broke or what’s going on. It’s a plug that creates guides based on the selected layer and allows you to delete all visible guides with a single click or shortcut.

These are the console errors I’m seeing right now when i first try to make a guide and then delete the current guides.

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Hey there,

I believe the plugin in question is Sketch-Guides?

I’ve applied a few fixes so it could work on the current version of Sketch – please check out my fork here: GitHub - rodionovd/Sketch-Guides at sketch-99-compatibility.

In case you’re interested in technical details, here’s what I did:

  1. I’ve replaced the no-longer-available absoluteRect() function with a drop-in replacement – see this thread.
  2. Also, some functions that add/delete layout guides were renamed internally, so I’ve updated them here as well (addGuideWithValue addGuideWithGuide and removeGuideAtIndex removeGuideAt).

Thanks Dmitry.

I was about to reply with a very similar answer.