Delete a swatch?

How on earth do you delete a swatch? I’ve updated the colour palette for this brand and want to have a nice clean swatch panel. Think is there is a dark colour sitting in there that I don’t seem to be able to delete. What’s the trick to deleting them?

Hi Caspian,

  • Select the colour
  • Control-Click (^ - Click) to get the contextual menu
  • Check if “Delete” is available
  • If not, go to the Components view, Control - 2 (^ - 2)

  • Go to the Components view, Control - 2 (^ - 2 ) or click on the, four squares above the Layers List

2 - Screenshot

  • Click on “Colors” in the menu
  • Select the colour swatch(es) you want to delete
  • Control-Click (^ - Click) to open the contextual menu and select, Delete

Go back to the Canvas (Control - 1) or by clicking on the canvas icon above the Layers List and check that the colour is now deleted.

I hope that helps :crossed_fingers:


Thanks Dave. Solved :slight_smile: . Not sure I’d have worked that out myself!

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You’re welcome Caspian! :slight_smile: