Combine swatch-search and color picker

The compound colorwell opens both the color picker and the swatch-search ui. The color picker is great for using the canvas and for browsing a small number of swatches, but is awful for traversing long lists, where the swatch-search shines.

However, there’ve been a number of cases where it’s not viable to include both controls, and only the color-picker trigger is used. Nowadays, that means that there’s no way to search swatches by names in symbols.

I’m unopinionated on how this is addressed, and I’m aware the colorpicker UI has been a point of ongoing thought for a while. Please consider allowing navigation and search within the picker UI so that we can have the same predictable featureset and token navigation in all instances of color interaction.

Hey @wil, thanks for sharing! This topic hasn’t gone unnoticed. We can’t make promises, but the team are reading along. It’s useful to read and understand different use cases and needs.

For others interested in this topic, feel free to vote and extend the discussion.