Component view not updating

After ungrouping or moving colors from one variable group to another, you need to go back to Canvas view or switch to “Show symbols” or another component back and forth to get the tree updated.

Hello @leohans I’m not sure if I’m reproducing it correctly. Would you mind sharing a short video of the problem?


Here I moved “Checkbox” to “Controls” group.
After that, “Checkbox” is duplicated in both groups.
After changing the view to Text Styles an going back to Symbols, “Checkbox” is correctly shown in the proper group “Controls” and not in the previous one anymore.

Thanks for the screen recording!

Yep, that’s a bug unfortunately. Luckily it seems to be resolved in our latest internal build, so I expect the fix will be added in one of the subsequent Sketch releases.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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