Click issue when selecting color variable

Hi. Color picker doesn’t select saved variable color. It does change the color but doesn’t… well, “select” it (if that makes sense).

Everything works fine when using “recently used” dropdown.

The bug is present in earlier Sketch versions (previous to 99.1).

My trackpad works fine, no issues noticed.

UPD. Works fine in Sketch Beta, both 99.1 (or maybe it was 99.0?) and 99.5.

Hi Eugene,

Thanks for reporting this. Can you share with us a sample file and a bit more details as when does this happen? For example, are you changing a color in a symbol? Or on layer that has a text style?

You can share it via email to

I did some basic testing on Sketch final version 99.1 (not Beta) and the selected color from the variable changes in the Color Picker on the Inspector, working as expected.

Many thanks!

UPD. Fixed with full reinstall (the app and all supporting files) :man_shrugging:

Thanks for staying with me tonight:-)

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Thanks for sharing this update. Glad to read that all is good now!

Thank you for taking the time to share this :smiley:

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