Border separately for each side

We all know how to draw a border with a shadow. But why not add such a feature to the appropriate section? It would be easier for beginners to navigate. And there would be an opportunity to draw a border as a dotted line without having to create a separate line.

Thanks for the suggested idea The team are keeping an eye on this topic. If anyone else has anything they’d like to add, or would like to add a vote in agreement, please do so. It helps us for future planning.

The biggest thing here is that not all shapes are rectangular. So it means having UI that is contextual that only appears when a rectangle is selected (kinda like radius but that’s visible on other shapes).

A rectangle can be edited at any time. You can add or move point(s) to the shape on edit mode, so there’s questions over what happens to your applied border. Does it get disabled? Does it get deleted? Something else? Or if you copy and paste the style properties to a different shape - should we attempt to show a border or not if it was only meant to appear on one side.

Those are some of the reasons why we have never added that functionality, but this isn’t to say we will never include it. It would be great to hear if more people want this feature. We will figure it out.

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I don’t know if you would need to do anything different than what is done with shadows currently in your scenario.

Right now if I create a square, then add a shadow only to the bottom, then I add another point to the bottom of the square and move it down (so that the square looks more like a pentagon), the shadow is still there.

You could argue that we should just continue using a shadow since it works, but there would definitely be benefits to being able to add dashed or dotted borders to one side.

In my UI works I do like follow the HTML syntaxes. Making a border-right with shadow is definitely not a good approach, although I still do it.

I understand your valid concerns, however I think it still manageable with some restrictions like disable side border options when the shape is not rectangle anymore.