Assistants being sunset

Looks like y’all are sunsetting the Assistants feature now. With the state of plugins being what it is, and now this, our options for things like design document linting are going away. Will this be replaced with another in-app solution?


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It also looks like an oversight that the official developer documentation on Assistants doesn’t mention the deprecation at all, unlike the user-facing how-to page.

In addition to that, Assistants-related code repositories are still pinned on Sketch · GitHub and don’t mention that this feature is being retired.

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Although we have plans to retire the feature, there are two things we can comment on right now:

  • No set date has been defined just yet
  • You will still be able to use Assistants through the Command-Line Interface.

When we have more info, we’ll make sure to update those pages. We will also share this with the team so they can add notices to both pages as well.

Thanks for the report!