Add the ability to specify radii for a Group

Almost every day we use different lists from different objects. And every time I notice that there is no way to quickly set the angles for a group of objects.

Now we use a special mask with manually set radii for the corners under the list of objects.

In my opinion, once something is turned into smart layout (group or symbol) it should allow setting of the background color and other effects and also border and radius. Basically what auto-layout does, there is no way around it. :slight_smile:


We’ve had discussions about adding more styling properties to container-type layers, and I’m personally keen on doing it, but we’ve got nothing to announce at this time. But to be clear, I see no reason at this point why this would need to be restricted to containers with Smart Layout.

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@wwwedran @paulozoom yeah, adding different styles for smart layouts would be nice. It looks to do very easy to implement after the next release, because smart layouts is done, but with some small bugs.

Why I said about radiuses in this thread: I can’t save the radius property value as a unique style/token for a layer/group/symbol, but for background and borders I can do that. And I created a special symbol for that and reused it everywhere. It doesn’t look very good. Maybe I did something wrong…

Agree, even better if it is not restricted!

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