Utility class-like tokens

It would be amazing to be able to have style/tokens modifiers to be applied in same cases. For instance:

Title = Tahoma Bold 48px , etc

Then, a utility class-like which modifies only selected parameters:

Big = All caps

The result would be “title” formating, but with all caps.
I’m thinking on the hability to define variations for light/dark mode, Desktop/Mobile, etc. With current styles/variables all the parameters are replaced at once.

Thanks for the suggestion @leohans!

We’re keeping an eye on this topic. If others agree and want to support this idea, please don’t hesitate to vote. Voting helps us for future planning.

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Our Text Styles could do with an improvement, but we also want to strike the right balance between complexity and simplicity. Note that, while its not per-style, you can now in symbols override alignment for example specifically, which does give some flexibility in cutting down on the number of styles required

Is there a plan to exclude alignment from styles in general? That would reduce the amount of styles needed most of any other text related improvement. As an example, if you apply text style to some text and then change alignment from left aligned to center aligned, style should not be affected.

@wwwedran We’d like to bring the text style overrides approach in Symbols that @pieteromvlee just mentioned to general layers outside Symbols, thus eliminating the concept of dirty styles (marked with an *). So while alignment would remain a part of a text style, it could be easily overriden, and would remain overriden if the underlying style changes. But this is a bit of a different topic from Tokens.


True, this is not related to tokens and I kinda agree that tokens in the end might complicate things. I see designers spend so much time developing and maintaining systems with a lot of these parameterized attributes that it often takes a lot from the ability to actually explore and design. It almost feels like now we have programming-like environments on both sides of the process, design and development, that need to be maintained and are mostly disconnected.

yeah for some cases it would be super. tokens for line-heights, border-radius, width, heights, font-sizes, opacities…

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I’ve just found this and I think its interesting too.
It appears to be a Figma Plugin to have alt Token sets for global/ light/ dark theme, etc.