Swapping Fill-Strokes colours?

Is there a QUICK method to swap the fill and stroke colours of an object?
The way I do it is so click-heavy/SLOW:
Select an object. Click the Fill. Highlight the Hex Colour. Copy. Uncheck Fill colour. Click border. Highlight Colour. Paste Hex Colour.

Hey Caspian,

A quick and easy way to swap both properties in a single step is through layer styles: define the fill and stroke combinations you need and then apply a style to a layer. When needed, swap it for a different style and it’ll change the fill and stroke.

Let me know if this helps.

For a UI component that does help. I’m working on some spot illustrations that are a little looser and I should probably be in Illustrator… but thought I’d ask (current -shortcut is having a set up a bunch of objects in the margins and I’m copy-pasting styles. Still a little restrictive as it pastes the stroke widths…)

Follow up question: is there a keyboard shortcut to select the Eyedropper?

Yep, just hit Control-C.

Isn’t that the shortcut for color picker?
I understand Caspian is looking for a swap color/stroke shortcut like Shift-X on Adobe Illustrator

Indeed. I was answering his follow up question:
Is there a keyboard shortcut to select the Eyedropper?

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Oh, true.
My bad.

Adding Shift-X to my muscle memory. It will save me a few seconds a day. Thanks.