Some questions about a switch from Figma

I’ve used Sketch in the past years, and as many I moved to Figma. In my team, we’re thinking about moving from Figma to Sketch. And before starting a real Sketch evaluation, I’ve some questions.

Version control

This is the main reason to move to Sketch. We want to be able to freeze a version of the designs for our dev team, while being allowed to continue the design work without breaking the everything.

I guess this is the way the version control of Sketch works, but having a clear answer would be great.

Equivalent of Component Properties

This is a great Figma feature which dramatically reduces the design systems. I don’t know if Sketch offer such an equivalent feature but that would be great too.

Thanks for your feedbacks.


Hi @romu I’m Jaime, Design Advocate here at Sketch. Let me answer your questions:

Version Control

With our “starred versions” you can achieve exactly what your team needs here. The latest starred version of a library is the one that is available for anyone that’s using that library. That way, you can continue working and making changes to the library and only when those changes are ready, is that you can star the latest version and that becomes the new “production-ready” version of the library.

Component Properties

Our approach here is different. You can create variants of a component and group them together, so when you’re working with an instance of that component you can easily switch to other variants of it.

You can also rely on overriding layer styles, text styles and color variables to make other variations of the component.

Achieving multiple properties in one component it’s not possible at the moment. We understand that might not be as convenient but it’s something we’re aware of and we’re always trying to find how to make your design process better.

I’ll take your feedback and pass it on to the team.

I hope this helps you make a more informed decision. I’m happy to connect with you and answer any other questions you might have. Just send me an email and I’ll be happy to connect.


Thanks for your anwser @jaime. That’s helpful.

We’ll start a trial in the coming weeks, probably in may,

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