Pasting at cursor, instead of random location on the canvas

Hi all,

I’m using Sketch on macOS. I have a project with a bunch of (square) artboards that I like to layout in a certain way. My usual way of working for a new design (artboard), is to grab an existing similar one, copy it and paste it.
My annoyance is that Sketch tries to determine a good place to paste the new artboard duplicate, however 90% of the time it puts it somewhere completely different to where I wanted it to be. My ideal solution would be to paste at the cursor location.
Does anyone know if this is possible, or any other good solutions?

Thanks in advance! :blush:

Hi there. Unfortunately I can’t resolve your issue of where a copied element will be pasted. But if it helps, what could be useful for you is, instead of copy-pasting, option-click-drag your Artboard (or any other element) to drag a duplicated copy to wherever you want it to be.


I have one more potential solution for you here as well which might simplify duplicating artboards. :smiling_face:

Hi @msx welcome to the Forum!

Here’s another way to solve this! To paste an Artboard or layer where your cursor is just copy it, move your cursor to the desired location and then → right-click → select Paste Here


Done! The artboard or layer will be pasted at your cursor’s location!

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