New Mac beta: v96 available now

Hey everyone :wave: We have a new beta of our Mac app ready for you to try!

How do I get it?

You can download our beta from — you’ll need an active subscription or license to use it. If you already have a beta build, you can open it and follow the prompts to update.

How do I share feedback?

If you run into any issues, the best way to share them with us is to click on the :lady_beetle: Send Beta Feedback button in the toolbar. This should open a email template in your email client of choice to fill and send to us.

If you’re trying out an experimental feature (more on these below), you’ll find a related forum topic in the Sketch Labs category where you can share your feedback.

What’s in this beta?

Resolve Annotations

You can now resolve annotations by clicking the checkmark in the annotations popover, or right-clicking any annotation marker and choosing Resolve. You can re-open a resolved annotation in the same way. Resolved annotations aren’t visible by default, but you can show them via the View menus in the menu bar or toolbar, or by pressing Control-Shift-N.

Smart Layout in groups (experimental)

We’re working on bringing Smart Layout to regular groups. We still have work to do, but you can enable it right now as an experimental feature via Sketch > Experimental Features. If you’d like to share your feedback about this experimental feature, head over to the Smart Layout in groups forum topic!

Other enhancements and improvements

  • Our Figma importer is now more reliable when opening big documents. Thanks for all your reports and feedback!
  • When you preview an overlay’s position on the Canvas, we now you show you relevant content (like shadows, for example) that falls outside of the overlay’s Artboard bounds.
  • We’ve improved the rendering performance of previews in the Insert window and menus.
  • When you select a nested Symbol inside a Symbol instance, you’ll see a new Preserve space when hidden option in the Inspector. Enabling this will preserve that nested Symbol’s space if you hide it, meaning that the dimensions of the Symbol that it’s nested within won’t change if it has Smart Layout properties.
  • We’ve tidied up and improved the Inspector options for editing Symbol overrides, especially when it comes to using Data sources and multi-image selections.
  • We’ve improved the performance of flattening selections to bitmaps and trimmed PDF exports.
  • When you select layers inside a Symbol instance, you’ll now see a dashed border around that instance, giving you some more visual context and a reminder that the whole instance will move if you drag your selection.
  • You can now double-click on a layer’s icon in the Layer List to quickly pan and zoom to that layer on the Canvas.
  • The magic wand selection tool for bitmap editing is now more reliable and predictable.
  • When you place or move rulers, they’ll now snap to the middle point of any layer you have selected.
  • Let’s be honest, no-one knows what each blending mode does. To help with this, we’ve added Foresight to the blending modes menu. Now, you’ll see instant, on-canvas previews as you hover over each option. We’ve also added labels to each group of blending modes, making it easier to understand what they do.
  • When you’re editing a text layer on the Canvas, selecting another layer will now automatically set it to edit mode, making it easier to edit multiple text layers sequentially. We’ve also added a highlight when you hover over text layers to make it clear you can select those while in text editing mode.
  • The color profile of your document now always appears in the title bar under the document name. With this update, we’ve removed the notification that would appear at the bottom of the Canvas when you open a document with a color profile that differs from your default.
  • When you’re editing gradients, we now show more on-Canvas information, including the position of stops, Start/End labels, and values for angle, length and ratio. Switching between linear and radial gradients should now give you more predictable results, and radial gradients now resize along with their shape.
  • In the Inspector, you can now click anywhere on the labels of panels and subpanels to expand or collapse them, or to add a new property if none already exist.
  • You can now use hex color codes with alpha values in the Hex fields and the alpha value will apply to the Opacity field. For example, #FF000080 will become a color with Hex of #FF0000 and an Opacity of 50% — the last two characters represent the opacity value, with 00 being 0% and FF being 100%.

You can find a full list of release notes, including changes and bug fixes at



Hey folks :wave: We’ve shipped a small update which fixes a couple of bugs in this beta. You should be prompted to update when you open the build, but you can always request the update manually via Sketch Beta > Check for Updates…

One thing that we shipped with this release which we forgot to include in the original release notes (sorry!) was:

You can now hold Command and Option to measure between a selected layer and layers inside a Symbol instance. You can also hold Option to measure between layers inside a Symbol instance.

Hopefully you find this useful! :smile:

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Yessssssssss! I have wanted this feature for a very long time!


Thanks for the beta and all those updates!

By the way, is there an ETA for the public release of this version?

@rodionovd We’re a little way off that — targeting next month. Going forward you can expect longer beta periods from us now, as we want to try and prioritise stability and reduce bugs!


Hello There !
I’ve found this in the new 96 Beta, but nothing happens yet when I click on it !
Maybe a new feature about creating a kind of sub-folders inside folders ? :innocent:

Capture d’écran 2023-03-11 à 10.54.28

If this is Sketch working on making collections similar to what Abstract has I might explode with joy. I really really like Abstract’s Collection feature and have sorely missed it when I switched over to Workspaces.

Hah, a little WIP thing leaked out. Thx for reporting, we’ll hide from the final build until its ready to go, thx :slight_smile:

Not really, I’m afraid.

@pieteromvlee It’s ok and hidden now in the new beta version :wink: Sorry for the spoil :sweat_smile:
Can’t wait to see new features you and the team are working on :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: