New Mac beta: v100 available now

Hey folks :wave: We just released another beta update.

This one fixes something @wwwedran reported in this thread (Minimap handles now hide much more reliably and consistently when you’re not hovering over it, and there’s a bit more contrast between it and the Canvas in dark mode).

It also contains a few fixes for prototyping bugs you may have bumped into while testing the new features.

Thanks for your feedback and bug reports — keep ’em coming!


Thank you for all the nice-to-have features and improvements. To be honest, I was expecting something big and different in v100, but I guess I have to lower my expectations and accept incremental Sketch updates, new bugs with each release, and performance issues as the norm.

I’m not sure if the Sketch team knows this, but the gap between Sketch and Figma’s capabilities is growing every month, not to mention that performance in the browser is much better than on Apple’s silicon. I hope you have time to reinvent yourself.


I’m sorry to hear this update wasn’t what you were expecting. I hope future releases will meet those expectations.

Hey folks — we have another beta update out. This one includes a couple of improvements to the new command bar, and brings document/project pinning to the iOS app, among other bug fixes. Enjoy!


Figma is rapidly developing their app, their budget burn rate is insane.

I’m sticking with Sketch for now, but I’ve noticed that developers are pushing shifting to Figma. I’m with you @Paulius, future updates should prioritize addressing the needs of developers within the developer-designer workflow. The notion that developing applications designed in Figma is significantly faster (and therefore cheaper) is difficult to ignore when business people are listening.

So… Mini-map sounds cool, for sure. But, can we get proper FlexBox. I mean, proper-proper FlexBox like in Figma. And can we get closer to the developers world instead of making better photoshop for UI?

Feeling sorry for posting it on your v100 beta. I love Sketch. I’ve been a client for years, and I prefer to stay where I’ve risen.


Appreciate your honesty, @Treword. Thanks for sharing this.

The reality is, with any release, we won’t please everyone. We have a diverse customer base and that naturally means a wide variety of wants and needs. As Joseph noted in the OP, a number of the features in v100 have come from customer requests, especially those related to prototyping.

I’m not going to make any promises about future product direction here, but what I can say is that we do pay close attention to what gets posted in Suggest an idea, even if we can’t act on it immediately. So I’d encourage you to continue sharing your requests there — or adding your +1 to existing posts.

For now, with this specific thread, let’s keep it focused on the 100 beta. If it’s not for you, I understand.

And thanks again for being a customer. This is by no means our last release, we have plenty more to come, and I hope future updates will keep you around!


This is my first time trying out Sketch (beta), and I have to say, those nearly daily updates are such a nice touch! It feels like the developers are really spoiling us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Nothing to thank for, we’re in the same boat. We need Sketch in the best shape, we need Sketch that shine :heart:.


Was just about to report the same issue with stacked symbols not allowing for a hover effect. Had a symbol with the effect applied as a menu item, and then had that within another symbol as a opened menu inserted into an artboard of a homepage with the scroll effects applied to the menu symbol and the hover effects were not working. Glad it has already been raised!

Hi @dale ,

You can now nest symbol instances inside a symbol source artboard and apply hover effects to them. Make sure to update to the latest beta version and if the problem persists, can you share with us a sample file to so we can take a closer look? Many thanks :pray: