Lightning Design System plugin not downloading libraries on v97(Mac)

Lightning Design System plugin is hanging when trying to download libraries since v97 installed on Mac - anyone else facing issues or found a cure?

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Hi Peter, welcome to this Forum! I did some tests and while the spinner keeps going in the Lightning DS libraries list, the library is installed and you can insert and use the symbols. We’ll take a look into this.

In the meantime I wanted to ask if you’ve had any issues using the library symbols?

I hit command and J and all i get is the loading window. How can I get the components to show up to add to my artboard?

Hello @chrisgoogo,

Although the Lightning Design System Plugin is no longer developed (it was Archived in August 2023) this seems to be a bug affecting only the spinner animation.

When you select libraries from the plugin, the spinner will keep going, but the libraries are properly installed and you can add the symbols they contain, take a look at the screenshot below.

However, since the plugin is no longer developed, please consider that the libraries may be removed by their owners without notice.