Corner radius when resizing symbols

Hello! I think I remember being able to set a large amount of corner radius for symbol backgrounds so that they stay fully rounded even when resized but lately that doesn’t seem to be possible. Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a way to achieve this behavior?

Check the example below →

Sketch will always limit the corner-radius of a shape to the maximum currently possible, based on the current dimensions of that shape.
That is to say, if you have a rectangle that is 50px tall, then your corners can only be a maximum of 25px (otherwise they would overlap with each other).
When you drag on a resize handle to make your rectangle taller, that previous setting of 25px will remain as it was before.

However, there are two ways to increase the corner-radius as you enlarge your layer.
The first is to Scale the layer, rather than simply resize it.

The second is a bit more hidden, and still has some limits applied, so it might not work in all circumstances, and it is to edit the corners in “shape editing” mode.


Thans for the help! First solution doesn’t work in the case of symbol shapes as I don’t need to scale symbol, but change its size vertically. However, second solution works even though it only allows up to 100px value. Thanks!

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