Copy/paste text style with macOS default cmd-alt-c and cmd-alt-v

I hope you will consider to implement/support the macOS default cmd-alt-c and cmd-alt-v to copy/paste text styles. This is especially handy when you have multiple styles in one text box and want to copy one style to another box or paragraph.

Hey there!

This should be possible right now, and it has been for quite some time, in the Mac app.

  • Select a text element with the Style you want to copy
  • Press ⌘⌥C to Copy
  • Select the text element where you want to paste this style
  • Press ⌘⌥V to Paste
  • Voilá!

Note that this works with other elements as wel!

Here’s a quick video

Hi @raulrincon, thanks.
That does indeed work. But only when selecting a text frame in its wholeness.
What doesn’t work is if you want to copy/paste styles from selected text in a text frame to another piece of text in a text frame. With macOS this default does work.
I should have been more specific.

Ahh! That’s it!

You want to be able to Copy (and paste) a Text Style when highlighting the characters within.

Even thought this is a current limitation of the app, we think it could open up some interesting possibilities and we’ll forward this to the team as well! :+1:

Yes that’s it, thanks for forwarding it!

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