Color variables: automatic tints & shades

It would be amazing to get auto-generated tints & shades from a single color variable (something like the Material design color structure).

My understanding is that we currently have to define each tint or shade manually. But that means if we change the base color, we also have to change all the tints and shades. With a design with a lot of base colors this can be quite time-consuming.

Automatic.css does this kind of thing for web design.


By default i’d say, this is particular enough that should become a plugin, but with today’s developments on AI, maybe it is something we can help with, among other things, once we start exploring it (and we will, later this year).

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Interesting, I hadn’t really thought about AI in that context.

I think in the UI it could replace the variable-redundant hex space, like this:


Possibly with a visual hint back to the original base color.

Are there official plugins, or would this need to be developed independently?


Hey Rich, no official plugins, no, we focus all our development in the app itself.

We are thinking of a quickbar, input bar, sort of interface thus far, we believe our inspector to already be a bit too crowded (and deserving of an update) to go and re-do it again there.