Add more text formatting options to Sketch!

Good morning!
I recently came across an issue that I found to be a bit frustrating while working on a project. I’m making a website prototype for a client and thought it would be cool to have some highlighted text for the webpage’s title. I made a quick concept of how this would look inside Sketch:

Hopefully, this idea can be taken into consideration!

Adding onto this, there should be some way to have an option to partially highlight part of the text, not all of it.

We agree that putting styles on subranges of text would be useful, but I don’t quite see how a highlight is different from a fill?

Hey! I’d love to clarify this for you, instead of having to make the text a shape and add a rectangle in the background, it’s just more streamlined. Here’s an example of what I’m looking for using the Sketch website:

As you can see the blue is a bit transparent and is over the text, versus the current method, this looks much cleaner.

I hope this clears it up!

Ah, a fill behind it, right, Ok I can see how that would be useful indeed :+1:

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