Release notes from within the App

It would be nice, to be able to add “release notes” when saving a new version to the cloud, at least for starred versions. Having to open the website afterwards and doing it there is cumbersome and very easy to forget.

Yeah good idea :smile:


Thanks for the feedback @fab1An, glad to read that you’re making use of starred versions and version descriptions, even if it does require the web app for the moment!

I’d be keen to hear from others in the community too. Are others using starred versions and descriptions for release notes? Do you only really work from starred versions and find the saves/versions listed in the web app in-between these starred versions create “noise”? :ear:

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Happy to share with you folks that we’re currently working on this. Stay tuned for updates. :wink:


I do find the saves/versions listed to be mostly noise for me. The big thing for me is that I’m right at the beginning of building out a design system for a project, so I’m often hopping back and forth between library files. I’ll be working in one file, realize I need to go to a library to edit a symbol, save that library, then go back to the other file to update that symbol. That one save just to make a minor edit is now listed in the web app as a version.

I would MUCH rather have an option to intentionally commit a version from within the app so that not all of my saves show up as versions in the web app.

Always useful to add some comments when starring a new version of a file directly from the Mac app.
Optional as standard for sure :wink:

@Gabriel merged your similar topic with this one :white_check_mark:

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