[In progress] Using color variables in gradients

It would be great if we could assign color variables to gradient stops.

Yes, absolutely @tudor. It’s something that we know lots of people are looking forward to — including ourselves!

We need to do some work on our color picker to deal with this, it’s just a UI challenge to do it well. Because, technically speaking we support it — maybe you’ve seen a totally-not-officially-sanctioned hack involving Find and Replace Color — but there’s no convenient way for a user to do it.

By the way, for others reading: keep on upvoting ideas you like the most even if we’ve replied to them! It’s a great way to add your voice and helps us prioritize what to work on.

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In keeping with my impasse in dealing with progressions, which I had described here (Impossible to change Colors within an existing gradient?) a FeatureRequest:

Please make it possible to assign colour variables to gradients. Please also make it possible that we get something like GradientVariables.

Merged topic :point_up:

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Gradients that could be created with colour variables would solve many problems. And because of me, the possibility to create gradients as gradient variables (analogous to colour tints) would also be really nice. These Gradient Variables could then also be used as Tints.

Any progress on this request @paulozoom ?

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Afraid not, sorry.

We’re making progress on this. Thanks for voting everyone!