[In progress] Export artboard as pdf

The feature is already included.
I always used a plugin because there wasn’t such an option before.

The problem is there’s no option so export just selected Artboards as a whole pdf, it exports all the artboards and pages altogher. Export selected artboards option expots the artboards as single pdf.

it should be added the simple option to choose what range of artboards or just selected artboard as a single multipage pdf.

What do you think?

Hey Alberto! Welcome to the Forum!

It’s great to have you here and we have some good news: we’re working on this!

The team is working on adding more ways to export artboards to PDF and this covers your suggestion: export a selection of artboards. It’s still work in progress and we don’t have yet a release date, but we’ll spread the word here and in our social channels as updates become available!

And please feel free to share any other ideas or feedback you have! :raised_hands:


Thanks for your reply.


It would be great to have possibility to choose a compression for a smaller pdf.

Hey Alberto,

Thanks for sharing this. The team did look into it, but there can be different types of media in a PDF document, so there are many more possibilities to cover. However, there are different PDF compression tools out there , both free and paid for.