[In progess] Smart Animations

Hi there,
Any plan plans to have smart animations? Or get some sort of pro tool without using extra plugin.

Hi! Just to be clear, by “smart animations”, are you referring to automatic transitions for the position/styles of matching layers, like Magic Move in Keynote, and Smart Animate in Figma?

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Like in Figma.
I have used and abused in InVision Studio, but looks like the Figma it’s the same.
Not using most of the times animations but for some projects it’s a must or a need.

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Thanks for clarifying! Before we get to addressing this type of request, we need to unlock some newer capabilities of our prototyping engine. The good news is that this technical foundational work is currently underway, so we’ll look at reaping the rewards of that and taking bigger steps with prototyping a bit further down the road.


Invision Studio was so awesome.


I think my question is similar to this because I really want to create presentations with animations still available in Sketch. Right now we make our designs in sketch, then export the jpgs to keynote, make it so it looks the website page is moving while on a laptop screen, then we export it to power point for the Account Service team. This is SO many steps. I know. you can make animated presentations in Figma, would love this in Sketch!


Welcome to the forum @jseroogy and thanks for the suggestion and the use case. Examples like this are always useful! Once the technical foundational is there and we decide to expand our prototyping features, we’ll return to this topic. In the meantime, feel free to add ideas and vote for ideas. This helps us further down the road.

Thanks @jonne and @paulozoom I definitely will !

So right now to prototype with animations we have to export from Sketch to Figma, right? Because Sketch currently is not good enough to achieve good levels of animation in prototypes

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Hey @LegendofJuli

Welcome to the conversation and the forum.

Currently, we’re not offering animation features.

We can use Principle too, it’s a good tool.

Guys! If you make it possible to add animations automatically → that would be fantastic. We used Figma and remember their animations in prototypes, it’s very important to make different short prototypes faster for developers to show some states. Let’s do that, after that you fly to the moon.


@vitlayozza Yes, that would be a welcome feature! We’re first working on the underlying technology; I expect this to be worked on after that is finished. I can’t give a reasonable estimate of when this will happen but be assured that it’s on our list.


Hey Paulo, how is it going?
Any updates on this?

Thanks in advance!

I have saw a small video in the Sketch beta and there is something new in animation in prototype.

Hey everyone @here :wave:

Thank you all for voting! I’m excited to share that we’re working on this, and the first results look promising. I hope you can try it out relatively soon in the next beta release.


Love it.
That looks so good, need to give a try on that.


Oh wow!!! This is awesome!

Between this and auto-layout I can’t wait to try the new version :star_struck:


This is amazing and we look forward to seeing this in Sketch.

One request we’d have for this feature is for it to support configurable spring animations (in addition to linear and ease-in/out). We use almost exclusively these types of transitions in our app, and I know Apple started promoting them more heavily last year.

Today we use Principle to prototype them, where you can configure Tension and Friction

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