Hidden Symbols in Sketch Libraries

I manage several design libraries for multiple teams and products. With this comes creating every possible variation for symbols (enabled, focus, hover, disabled, etc.) to eventually be exported to development, but many of those variations will never be needed for design comps and build files. I would love the ability to keep design systems organized and well populated, but not overwhelm the designers as they search through symbol folders and endless variations to find what they need. Ideally the feature would be a checkbox or toggle, adjacent to the overrides panel, to allow for easy hide/show access. This would allow me to maintain one file for ALL symbols, instead of having to create extra library files, one for designer assets and one for development.

Hey @natasha.m

Thanks for sharing and bringing it to our attention. We don’t have any plans to build this yet, but I can see the benefit of this! We’ll discuss it internally.

Meanwhile, if others have anything to add or would like to add their vote, feel free to do so. It helps us a lot.

could also be useful for components that have different states, where I have the main component with the layers. other states are just the instance of the main component and I have sub-components to change the state.

ok maybe this image explains it better :wink: