Decouple text alignment and color from text styles

Text alignment and color should not be a part of the text stye or there should at least be an option to make it mandatory or not when creating styles. I think this is one of a few major productivity upgrades we need in Sketch.

I absolutely agree!

Could you provide a use case to elaborate on your idea? How would your developers prefer to work with it?

This is less about developers and more about designers. Working with text styles is currently very demanding as you need to keep every possible iteration of the style just because alignment and color are defining style as well. Instead of that it would be much better if we would only define styles with typographic parameters and leave alignment and color as a separate thing you can set locally when using styles. Much cleaner and nicer to work with. If Sketch thinks there is still a need to be super strict with styles it can be a preference to make color and alignemtn part of it or not.

It’s all about developers. The better you understand the programmer, the better product you will build as a team. We can’t work with different paradigms than developers do. Sketch is giving you a tool for building interfaces based on code. So yes, we can’t change what Text Style means. It means what it means and trust me, it’s great when you understand it better.

Talk with your devs and try to understand your work better, they will help you start thinking more like a developer than a designer, and that will take you and your work to the next level.

“Sketch is where great design happens” says the first thing on the homepage…

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I understand what developers need. Developers would still see full text style in inspector, if that is a concern.