Corner radius on Images


At the moment I have to create a mask for my image with corner radius. It would be even simpler if I could just set corner radius on the image instead.

Hi @Martin !
It could be a good idea ! Today you have to create a rectangle, change your corner Radius, drag and drop an image on the canvas, select both and make a mask. You can also drag the image in the “fills” container on the right and then choose between fill, fit, tile,… but there is no “crop” option.

Maybe it could be smart to have a kind of “auto-mask” feature, just make a rectangle on the canvas and drag and drop an image inside to make the mask. Then you can adjust your corner radius !

What do you think about this ? :upside_down_face:

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Yeah it´s kinde of a hassle as it is today.

I guess auto-mask could work but i think the most simple and easy to use would be drag / add an image to the canvas and then just adjust the corner radius directly on the image. It´s somewhat weird that an image behaves like an rectangle with shadows, fill, borders etc but one diff is it has no option for corner radius.

@paulozoom has mentioned a few times that they’ve been working on different ideas for non-destructive image editing, so I think this is another great option to include with whatever Sketch comes up with.